Check List

Regular House Cleaning


•Clean and sanitize outside all appliances, large and small


•Wipe and sanitize cabinet fronts and knobs

•Clean and sanitize counters and sink

•Clean and sanitize stove top

•Clean microwave interior

•Wipe table and chairs

•Vacuum/mop floor

Living Room/Bedrooms

•Dust TV and audio equipment

•Vacuum couches and chairs

•Dust all furniture

•Dust decorative items

  .Dust Blinds & Window Sills

.Dust ceiling fans

•Vacuum and mop floors


•Clean and sanitize toilets

•Clean and sanitize counters and sinks

•Clean and sanitize showers and tubs

•Clean and polish mirrors and fixtures

•Vacuum and mop floor

.clean mirror's

Standard tasks

•General tidying

•Remove cobwebs

•Dust blinds

•Dust ceiling fans

•Empty wastebaskets

•Clean underneath/behind light, moveable furniture

Deep Cleaning Services

Includes all Regular House Cleaning services

(additional fees apply)


•Clean interior windows

•Clean sliding glass doors

•Clean french doors

Wipe Woodwork

.Cabinet interior

•Door frames

•Window sills

•Cabinet exteriors


for unfurnished Homes


included all regular house cleaning list to your right

  • Wipe down laundry appliances

  • Dust Blinds & Window Sills (Does not include window tracks) 

  • Dust door frames

  • Dust or wipe front & back of Internal doors

  • Wipe front & internal cabinet

  • Dust or wipe ceiling fans

  • Wipe baseboards

  • Wipe light switches


     Additional Charges

  • Inside oven

  • Inside fridge

  • Window tracts

  • Wall spots